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Hi, I am Sagun Man Singh Shrestha @sagunms, a Full Stack Developer based in Sydney, Australia. My background is in Robotics and Automation as well as Electronics and Communication Engineering. I am facinated in the realms of Robotics and Automation, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Software and Electronics Engineering, and keep myself engaged in geeky persuits and “evil mad scientist”-style independent research projects.

Switching to a different channel, musically, I’m into guitars and piano - used to be a part of an amateur high school rock band called Liquid Swords. Fun days! As a form of crude artistic expression, I like scribbling, doodling and sketching portraits on the back of envelopes. When I need to unplug from technology, I love the hit of adrenaline when jumping off a cliff, ropes attached of course, and being one with nature.

I am just a curious hacker, avid reader of non-fiction and a caffeinated philomath, cautiously preparing for the upcoming robot uprising!